What’s for Breakfast?

Lately, ideally, it’s been a question.

And that might just be the cornerstone of a nutritious breakfast.

For me, the only way I make the transition from physically no longer sleeping to actualy awake, is to really engage the brain.

This sounds a bit obvious, but I think it really is the most important thing. We need to be challenged in the morning, because we will certainly be challenged throughout the day.

Preparation is everything.

I love the word breakfast, if only for the way you can break it up. The etymology is so obvious that you feel an idiot for not noticing. It’s when you break your fast. You have gone without, in the land of nod, and now you must break that ritual denial of service.

So a hearty breakfast is necessary. Be it porridge with golden syrup, a full english fry up, eggs florentine, cornflakes and too much sugar, or left over pizza from last night.

It’s like telling your body you’re up in the morning, and it needs to get back to work.

Which is a bit harsh, because it’s always working, keeping the blood pumping. Keeping your bits functioning. Keeping you alive.

But it’s what we do. And the posters in the nurse’s office at school tell us how important it is.

But it doesn’t tell us to feed our brain.

Perhaps it’s because it’s even more unfair. While the body sleeps the mind goes wild. Dreams and wonders fill the space where the mind was. We don’t seem to know what they’re for, or what they mean, but that doesn’t stop people making guesses. They may well just be utterly random electronic pulses.

But it’s definitely not the same as thinking. Which is what we spend the day doing. And if we think badly, then we may ruin our day. Or even someone else’s.

I know that feeling. Alot.

So my answer?

Some nutritious thinking.

It’s best to eat healthy in the morning. So try and keep it positive, but sometimes we’ll just end up reaching for that leftover pizza.

Which is fine too.

It’s better something than nothing.

If we don’t break the thinking fast, then we might end up hungry all day.

I also recommend eating Breakfast in a Scandinavian Disco. In heaven. On a worn cassette. Now that’s nutrition.


Illustration by Lucy.


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Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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