What do you think of this video?

Dancing with your shadow can be a pretty cool thing, and I kinda wish I was that laconic drummer guy. He’s got a damn good look going on.

I think there’s something a bit attractive, but also a bit negative about thinking that you need someone or something to be complete.

It’s certainly part of the standard romantic ideal, but I’m not sure if its the best way to be.

In fact, I’m certain it’s not. The guy keeps on singing that home isn’t anywhere without ‘you’. Which I guess is a common feeling, in that I know I’ve felt it and I’ve heard others say it, and pretty much all romantic films and songs make some mention of the notion.

But that doesn’t mean it’s right. Really, I think it’s important to remember oursevles. Our selves. We are the ones who must be complete, and we can’t do that by pursuing our soul-mate, or even the other half of our platonic mutant duality.

I guess to an extent that’s why it’s good to be partnered with your shadow, the bit of you that’s like you, but not like you. An imitation of you, dancing slightly out of step.

The dark side maybe. Although in the video the shadows seem playful. (The shadows danced through the room as the sunlight flickered in etc etc etc).

I certainly need to cope with my own dual nature, and learn to deal with life on my own.

Which is why I don’t like the colourful lady taking the place of the shadow near the end of the video.  There’s something inappropriate there, maybe. Although the guy hugging his shadow is the cutest thing ever.

So we must dance through the streets like the pretty indie boys, and take our shadows along with us. Dancing with them so we’re never alone, and never hiding something that is part of us.

Which is tricky.

I finally started engaging with the Joanna Newsom album properly last night. Listening to the words and everything (something I find tricky).

There’s lots of stuff in there I wanted to apply to me, but only the romantic bits. I don’t think that’s enough, really. You can’t just pick up the bits that suit you and ignore the stuff that isn’t.

You grow up, you learn to stop wrestling your shadow, but accept it, make friends with it, and then you can be whole.

And then you can make yourself better.

It works. Eventually. I hope.


Video by Herman Dune, borrowed without permission, so go buy his records or something.

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