How could you be in two places at a time?

Quantum entanglement.

Fold your hands in mine and tie our veins together, stretch across an infinite void and be intertwined forever.

Like atoms, married and split. Carried across a distance and still conjoined. Breaking the laws of physics to stay in the same frame of mind.


Oh. Sense.


Here comes the science bit (which I present as such to let you know that it’s being done WRONG as it’s being done from MEMORY):

Basically, if you split an atom (or get two to work together in harmony for a while) and then carry the two parts away, the flow of their electrons will stay the same no matter how far apart they are.

If that makes no sense, don’t worry. It’s because it doesn’t make sense.

Basically the trick is that entangled atoms appear to remain entangled over a distance. If you change the electron flow on one, the same happens on the other. As far as can be told, this happens instantaneously. Which is an impossibility.

I mean. We’re talking about something, in this case information about electron spin, travelling faster than the speed of light. Which isn’t possible. Things can’t go faster than light. Particularly across potentially infinite distances.

Of course the uncertainty principle makes it impossible to actually get any useful information transmitted, but it’s an impossible miracle.

I think we’ve established that I’m worse at explaining science than I am at abstract romantic poetry.

I even stole the vein tying line from Why.

And he did it much better.

I don’t think you can be in two places at once, actually.

I think it’s hard enough living in the now, and really being in it, as we discussed yesterday.

Two try and split yourself further is probably a bad plan. If atoms can only do it by freaking out the science community immensely, then maybe whole people should not bother trying to create the same uproar.

Sometimes I feel like I’m barely even here. Let alone over there at the same time.

Of course, sometimes you’re in your mind and your body is elsewhere. This is normal, but challenging. Particularly for those around you.

Sometimes I do it on purpose. When something really difficult needs to be achieved, you can put your brain where it is already done, and wait for your body to catch up.

Again, it’s a little dangerous.

Stay in one place at a time. There’s plenty of time for elsewhere in the future, and you’ll get more out of it all in the long run.

I guess that’s how time and space work settled then. I wonder what we’re sorting out tomorrow.


Illustration by Anna-Kaisa.


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