Who’s holding back the electric car?

If you want a serious factual answer to this there are much better sources, and I don’t have the time to do the research in detail, sorry..

I’d recommend this film, and talking to Robert Llewellyn (he ranted excellently about it a while back and he used to be Kryten, so extra cool points there).

So everything else here is heresay, under researched opinion and not to be trusted, so please do the research if this interests you. I have no doubt you will uncover more vicious horrors I’ll allude to.

Also, before I get serious, I really want the question to be sung to the tune of Buggles’ Video killed the radio star.

I’m eating up word count already and have said nothing of much use.

So the electric car is a big deal. It’s the kind of invention that if it had got off the ground ten years ago, would’ve had the impact needed to pretty much save our civilisation from an impending self destruction (or at least cataclysmic paradigm shift, for the optimists). Maybe a little longer would’ve been ideal, but about ten years ago might put us at a point where our current talks about climate change might be able to make the difference.

I think it’s important to note I’m talking about a change in the past to save us. Most of the studies I’ve seen put us past the tipping point. With current technology an about turn right now on the emissions thing would probably still leave us screwed fairly soon.

It’s a question of how screwed we want to make ourselves.

And still there’s people who are happy making their fortunes out of destruction. And they can feel justified in giving people what they want.

Muscle and power and open roads. This is what cars are for. Growling, aggressive macho beasts. Selfishness incarnate.

Electric cars a quiet and toy like. Almost innocent. This may not carry through entirely to their impact, but it’s interesting to note that it is presented as a metaphor.

The most recent major attempt at a big impressive and therefore ‘market viable’ electric car was the much maligned (by idiots) Tesla Roadster.

Tesla is named for Nikola, the legend many of whose genius ideas were either stolen by other ‘inventors’ or repressed by governmental forces (alledgedly). He had visions of a world where electricity flowed through the air and was free to everybody, and he had science to back him up.

The holding back naturally implies a conspiracy. Cunning minds getting in the way of fair human progress. There are many such theories around Nikola Tesla and the electric car. Something holding back common sense.

I don’t buy conspiracy theories. I see market forces as being a more straight forward explanation.

You don’t have to be an evil genius to do what’s best for the stock price of your company.

It’s business.

That’s what gets in the way of ‘real’ progress. And that’s what needs to change.


Illustration by Anna-Kaisa.


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