Which of the main political parties best represents the duality of man?

My mind is being crushed by the weight of  several different conceptions of duality. My body is feeling a little sickly because of the half litre of chocolate milk I just drank.

I am right in the middle of the duality of man.

I’m much happier with the second urban defintion, basically using duality of man as a euphemism for unintelligible bullshit.

I’m pretty sure they’re all responsible for that.

I could possibly go with ‘which of them is a more typical Gemini?’ I’d pick Davey Cameron on that one. Except you’d expect him to have more actual charisma if that were the case. On the other hand he seems capable of juggling opposites and contradictions into something resembling an argument. This is critical to his goal of making the tory party acceptable to the middle ground and the progressives, along with the usual tory fanbase of rich kids, poshos and corporate slime. He presents two sides at once, picking words that reflect opposing views. I’m pretty sure the only reason he’s capable of doing it is New Labour’s move to the right, and the accompanying dismay with the current government. Successive disasters, massive inequality and a PM that looks like a fat slobbery dog have left the tories in a perfect position to exploit the duality of the system as a whole.

And that’s where it gets really interesting.

Apparently, some views of Zen-esque philosophies suggest that the way to achieve enlightenment, is to realise that the world isn’t dualistic but holistic. Once you acknowledge that you and the world, heaven and earth, the tree and everything that isn’t the tree, aren’t actually binary pairs of opposites but aspects of the same thing, you start getting somewhere.

I can see this in our current situation in two ways (and I fear this will all be irrelevant in a few days if I’m wrong). First of all, the ‘opposites’ are the same thing. A few months ago, when you say ‘main parties’ it would be mostly certain you meant Labour and Conservative.

Most people on the left. Or anywhere progressive, including Cleggy and his merry amber band. Will point out that the two parties, blue and red, are one. There’s barely a difference. One has already done a bad job, the other will make it much worse. We are witnessing a transcendence from the dualistic system.

The other thing I want to see is an escape from the for or against culture of politics. A continuation of this movement.

It struck me today, that in a minority government/hung parliament, compromise is inevitable, and the binary approach politics can change on a more fundamental level. If you have to compromise, you can no longer make your stance simply criticising the other team. You have to acknowledge a shared responsibility. You can’t just stand in opposition.

You have to stand for something, believe in it. And fight for it.

That’s a kind of politics I could start looking at again.

Illustration by Adam.


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