Environmentalism and fascism go hand in hand. Can they ever be kept apart?

Right, is this because of those eco-fascists telling you to stop driving your SUV down to the Tescos at the bottom of the road for your nice cheap asparagus spears? Those damn Hippy-Nazis saying it’s not really on to get your hat airfreighted in on a private jet before you’ll do your benefit concert? Those smelly, long haired, sandal and dress wearing totalitrianites digging tunnels under your bypass again?


There’s a few ways to look at this more seriously. First of all, there’s the opposites need each other point of view.  Those in the environmental movement (and the left in general) need somebody to call fascists to stop thinking about their own behaviour, and those running the military industrial complex need someone to call extremists. so that nobody looks at what they’re doing too closely.

I don’t think that last paragraph made any sense. So I’m going to ignore that train of thought, leave it hanging there for you.

What I finally thought of, should’ve perhaps been more obvious from the beginning.

It’s making choices for others.

I still don’t think we’re talking about actual fascism, the pro modernity, revolutionary, nationalist and generally quite nasty movement of the early twentieth century. But we’re talking about the type of things that get called fascism on various forums. People have talked about this before. And made me laugh.

Anyway, with that caveat in place,  we can start making connections.

It’s partly about the humanist perspective. Basically, there’s something creepy in the way ecology and conservation are often ways to control the environment. There’s elements of imperialism to it, there’s no doubt. Both in that the way the majority world isn’t being allowed to devestate it’s environment for itself, just like the ‘west’ already has, and the way that people invade the ecosystem, realise they’ve trodden on it too heavily (in their jackboots, no doubt) and then try and find a solution to it. Only it’s not an equation, it’s a multilayered system in permanent conflict. This realisation was basically the foundation of Darwin’s thought. We weren’t looking at the static marvel of God’s creation, but something richer, stranger, more flexible and violent than had been imagined before.

It’s arrogant to think we know how to meddle in there to make things right. To think that there is a right, even. We are Beyond Good and Evil here, and we’re still trying to call the shots.

On the other hand, I think we’ve fucked up this world and probably deserve the imminent destruction that’s likely to be facing us. We should probably just hope it comes before we break this place any more.

And on the other, other hand, I’m pretty optimistic that the singularity will fix it all for us. Some technological leap will leave our future survival entirely down to whether we have sorted out the moral problems or not. With the infinite power at our finger tips, will we fuck it ALL up?

It’s fairly likely, isn’t it.


Illustration by Lucy.  Lack of clarity in above text is caused by stupidity, not Naziism. Unstruck does not approve of Nazis. Or hippies.

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