Did George Osborne step up to the mark?

I kind of resent the implication that there’s a mark that needed to be stepped up to.

If there was, which I dispute, he stepped over it. And basically launched a campaign of neo-Thatcherism. With barely a lick of liberal yellow paint to try and candy coat the whole notion.

I’m shocked that it was allowed by the only people at the last election to promise proper progressive taxation. Which pretty much demonstrates the lack of power the lib part of the coalition have now that the negotiation is over. Cameron has bought his veneer of progression, quietened the far right objectors within his own party, and given himself free reign to complete the gutting of this country that Thatcher started.

I should probably point out at this point that I know less about economics than I do about politics, and I’m not overly hot on either.

But I know what I like. And that’s what matters.

As a side note, I think that’s an attitude that needs to be shared by more people. Politics shouldn’t be something big and scary and alien. Politics is something that affects everybody, and is only so complicated because people talk about it using big obfuscatory words. It’s a private gang thing, and it’s not the way we should talk about the direction corrupt, self serving liars are taking our world.

So let’s start again.

It appears to me that Osborne is making ludicrous cuts to public services, things that make a difference in peoples life. Often a huge difference to the worse off people in society. He is freezing wages (which effectively means a pay cut, spread out over two years) for public sector workers. This means that people who are generally doing shitty work for shitty money, purely because they believe in helping people out, are going to earn less.

And lots of them are going to lose their jobs. And the services will drop in quality.

A quarter of all public services apart from certain protected areas. Protected fields include defence, which is of course vitally important. That means making sure we have nuclear bombs floating around the atlantic because apparently that’s really important.

More important than books in libraries. For example. One in every four books, one in every four librarians. Cut. With any luck this’ll be made from unnecessary layers of upper management instead. But don’t ever think that’s likely. Those people are good at protecting themselves and making them look important.

That’s how they get there.

Osborne is cutting services for the less well off, whilst refusing to tax the rich.

There’s a few concessions. Capital gains tax, a banking levy. These will have an impact on the rich. And raising the tax allowance will give a little extra money to the less well off who earn less than the tax allowance. Which is more than you expect.

Yesterday George Osborne fucked over the poor and waggled a finger at the rich (with a cheeky little wink).

Illustration by Sam.


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One Response to Did George Osborne step up to the mark?

  1. flyingrowan says:

    fuck yeah!

    also, that illustration is totally brilliant

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