Do black people like white wine?

I imagine some do.

Obviously, I’m not in a position to say accurately. Though the odds are definitely in favour of ‘some do, some don’t’. I suspect it’s a statistical certainty.

All I know is that I don’t like white wine. And that I’m not black.

No logical conclusions can be extrapolated from this. Of course.

One of the odd things about this experiment, is that it makes it appear like I think I have all the answers. Hopefully it’s clear throughout that at best I make guesses. A question like this challenges the assumption of this project, if you take it too seriously (which apparently I am). I can’t speak for anybody other than myself. My answers are at best only true to me.

And I suspect they aren’t even that half the time.

I feel like I live in a world of multiple layers of truth. I have a tendency to say things that sound accurate as if I know them as fact. I normally challenge myself afterwards, but I live in a world of assumption and guesswork.

Which is in one way a terrible way to live, and in another, the only way to survive.

Even empathy is just guesswork. Superimposing your reactions to things over the apparent experience of another. It’s all assumption. Those that are better at empathy are just those with more experience, and more willingness to step outside themselves.


And it’s a silly question. Some people like white wine. Black people are people, so almost certainly, some black people like white wine.

To quote the question setter:

Yes I’m quite like everybody else and no I’m not quite like anybody else: we are all the same we are all PEOPLE.

It’s important to remember that there is no difference between all people, even as all people are different.

We come at the world with utterly unique perspectives. A few things are shared, but never everything. And on another level, we all have startlingly similar drives and instincts and bodies and we all live in the same world.

We are the same as everybody else. We are part of everybody else. We are both individuals and society. We are a collective.

Like yesterday’s zebras, we are social creatures that can appear as one larger monster.

We are people.

I don’t agree with generalisations as a rule, but than one I’ll settle on. People are just people. And each one is a part of the whole.

Don’t forget to listen to the experiences of those around you. Because in a very real (but inexplicable) way, they are the experiences of you. They are a part of you, and the society you live in.

We are in this together.

So don’t start separating people out into groups. Black people, not black people. People who like white wine, people who don’t.

The Venn diagram of humanity would need more dimensions than you could possibly comprehend.

So just get to know some people.

You might learn something.

Illustration by Luke.

Questions this week by Doseone, he once did this.


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