Is it better to put on three staggered alarms and snooze through them all, or to put on one alarm and get up straight away? ie. Why’s it so hard to get up in the morning?



Is it just me that never gets enough sleep and spends pretty much an entire life complaining about being tired?

Apparently not.

My wake up routine involves an alarm set for at least an hour before I need to get out of bed, and includes at least five snoozes before I start turn on the computer to try and start engaging my brain.

I actually think this is better, but possibly for the wrong reasons.

This fragmented sleep state is perfect for helping remember your dreams. Or at least, that’s how it works for me. I drift in and out of this world and a weirder one. A fluid one, based on memories of dreams already had only with a bit more control. I pop into a fantasy land for about half an hour each morning, and sometimes it lasts longer than I’m in there.

Dream time.

Of course, this probably only makes it harder to wake up, but I kinda like to pretend there’s benefits to living in an only half real world for at least a portion of the day.

I seem to remember OK Computer having a quote from a self help book in the cover art. Basically something along the lines of ‘leap out of bed every morning with a smile and an affirmation to live your life to the fullest’.

If I ever meet someone who does that, I will punch them in the face.

I mean, I’m sure it’s a great idea in principle, and I’m not either (a) actually that grouchy in the morning or (b) against the notion of living life to the fullest. But there has to be limits. There has to be transitions.

Life is more liminal, and I doubt your respecting the sleeping world properly if you jump out of it. And it kinda sounds like you’re planning on beating your day into submission with bushy tailed enthusiasm.

Maybe I’m being harsh, but I just don’t think there’s a need for that.

Bed’s are warm and cosy for a reason. Lives are too busy already. At least take a portion of the morning to fool around with reality. Flirt with madness in the form of dreams. Fantasise and be warm.

Waking up is a nightmare. So we hold on to the dream world for a little longer. In bed we might remember our fantasies, or realise we’ve learnt something overnight. Either way, it’s actually a way to start your day positively.

Even if the dream was a nightmare, take time to savour that weird, intense and somewhat upsetting realisation that that world was a lie, this one is real, and whatever happened in jeamland, stays in jeamland.

Sometimes that’s sad. But it’s also sometimes nice to transition into a world that follows consistent rules, and has real other people in it.

We spend most of our time in a busy, bustling and distressing world.

I like to take some time to delay, think and dream in the morning.


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4 Responses to Is it better to put on three staggered alarms and snooze through them all, or to put on one alarm and get up straight away? ie. Why’s it so hard to get up in the morning?

  1. Jimothy says:

    Bravo Alex, bravo. It’s a weird feeling seeing my question spark so many lovely thoughts and words from you. You’re like a colourful thought-machine, and you just have to input a question…

    I really enjoy that hypnagogic state where you’re dreaming but you’ve got more control over it. I think that’s where I spend most of my mornings and why I’m so late for everything. I’m kinda in that two-worlds state most of the time 🙂

    It’s tricky to get out of bed when there’s so many interesting dreams going on, plus I always feel quite groggy, but it was getting silly – I didn’t get in to work last week earlier than midday. Somehow I have turned that around and already this week I’ve worked more hours than I did all of last week…

    This morning I actually did that leap out of bed thing, except without the grin. I’ve got one of those old alarm radios with the evil alarm sound, but I think something’s wrong with it cos recently it’s been behaving oddly – this morning, instead of the normal EEEEUGH EEEEEGUH EEEEUGH it sounded like a nuclear version of itself and was about twice as loud. Seeing as Viv was fast asleep next to me I bolted upright, reached to the end of the bed and turned the crazy bastard off. Not even snooze, off! I knew I’d stay in bed for another hour or so, so I just got up and had a shower. Believe it or not, I was the first person in the office today (and I was yesterday too 😀

    Thanks for the answer Alex 🙂 x x

  2. flyingrowan says:

    Well done jimothy! I always snooze for half an hour to an hour.

    I whole heartedly agree with this notion about people who leap out of bed with a grin on their face:

    “If I ever meet someone who does that, I will punch them in the face.”

    My mum does it, and an old house-mate used to do it….but that’s probably just because she was always up at least 2 hours before me.

    I don’t want to be spoken to for the first half an hour or so, or until I’ve had some tea or gone into the outside world and had interactions with strangers to break the weird dream-like skin over my face.

    When I was going-to-school age I used to complain to my mum that “I wasn’t done yet” that I was “a cake that hadn’t been cooked enough and needed to go back in the oven” the oven of bed! mmmmm warm. I felt like all the ingredients needed for me to function in the day were still raw.

    After years of experiencing the hell that is desperate rushing I try and get out of bed quicker

  3. purplesapho says:

    Since I’m out of work I do my favourite thing which is waking up when my body feels like it. Normally I would get a pretty regular schedule this way but lately my sleep has been fucked up.

    Back then when I used an alarm, I never snoozed. I just found out that personally, snoozing made everything worse. Made it much harder to get out of bed and I’d spend the day in a worse mood than if I just jumped out of bed and into the shower. For me, the shower has been the intermediate between sleep and awake. I stay under the water and think about my dreams and slowly my mind gets ready for the waking world.

  4. Jen says:

    a shower is the only way. also I do not snooze any more.

    just a little update for you there

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