Is it better to follow our hearts or our heads? (or Stephen Fry..)

I’m pretty sure Stephen is an advocate of both.

It’s one of the trickiest questions. As both parts have a say. Assuming we’re talking metaphorically here (I mean, the heart is pretty cyclical in its pronouncements, not exactly communicative, and the head is where our eyes are…how can we follow the thing that does the following?).

Basically, it’s emotions, located in gut and heart. Or logic, located in big squelchy brain.

There’s an obvious problem of course, which is they are both in the same place really. We may translate emotions into physical sensations, but those physical sensations are created by, and reported back, by the big grey network in the skull.

But I’m still evading.

But I think there’s an important notion in there. The two supposedly dual natures, emotional and logical, are bound together. The assumptions on which you base your logic are almost certainly distorted by emotion. We also tend to use logic to justify reactions we’ve already made on emotional bases.

Why do we so often try and reject a relationship between the two?

It’s an obvious one, that. It’s because we want to lay claim to some kind of objectivity. We want to step outside the complicating mess of emotion (irrational and weak as it is, clearly just based on animal instinct and hormones) and use our cold hearted, externally learnt and utterly infallible logic to show how intellectual and solid and real and clever we are.

It’s such utter bullshit.

The fact is that most people will come to the same conclusion either way. One of the problems with intellect is that it is clever. It has a way of justifying anything.

I freeze myself to stasis and inaction every time I try and logically work out the best course of action, because I can find the right argument to present either side.

The people that irritate me the most are those clever enough to justify their own arrogance and mistreatment of others on some kind of logical foundation.

Are emotions irrational? Or just more honest?

Ha. Well that’s a ridiculous notion. Emotions are just torrents of torment swirling through us. Leading us random directions. Suggesting possibilities and courses of action that can easily harm us or others.

And they are very much prone to feedback loops. Possessing an ability to override anything else in a self perpetuating circle.

Depression, for example. Or love. Inescapable circles. Gordian knots of the stomach.

Bah. I’m not actually that cynical.

I think.

Or feel.

Which to trust?

It’s yourself. That combination of the two. Wild and thoughtful. That’s you. That’s us.

Don’t follow. Lead. Lead from both. Lead from you. Look at the world and react. Try and be kind. And try and take it from both sides.

Do what feels right…it should also be what you think is right.

The two shouldn’t be in disagreement. If they are, something’s slipped out of place.

Try and fix it.

I don’t know how.

Maybe you should ask Stephen.

Illustration by Maria.


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