Would you go too far?

Probably, but I suspect I would not go too far enough.

Obviously it’s a matter of context. We probably all like to think of ourselves as people who know our limits. Or the limits of decency. Or the limits of strange the Great British Public can handle. Or some other limit I can’t think of because I’ve only just woken up and am not built for this time in the morning.

There are lots of too fars.

That’s my point.

I’d like to make some broad sweeping generalisation about how it’s important to challenge our limits (Challenge Everything, just like EA games), and extend ourselves into new and brilliant places. But that kind of thing just allows people to stop thinking about other people. Our own limits aren’t the only thing to think of. There’s other peoples rights and boundaries to consider.

I have gone to far.

Which I think answers the question.

I seem to spend most of my time regretting things I have said or done that I shouldn’t have.

When I started off the second paragraph, I actually typed that it was a matter of question.

I think there are additional questions to ask here. Specificity is key. It’s important to push yourself outside of your comfort zones regularly. This could be described as going too far.

Some things have broken me, but I’ve rebuilt myself stronger. But possibly at too great a cost to those who had to help me through my destructions.

This is all very vague.


Don’t go over the speed limit.

Go too far from home every now and then.

Always respect other peoples boundaries.

Don’t fall in love with someone you don’t know.

Wear something out of the ordinary. Far too outre.

Run the extra mile.

Don’t take an extra tab of acid before you’ve peaked on the first.

Like I say, I’ve got a lot of regrets. Some of them have made me. Some of them have made me hate myself.

Too far. Too far.

Is burnt better than undercooked?

I’ll be honest.

Too far makes me think of violence. It doesn’t make me think of barriers that need to be pushed. It makes me think of people that I haven’t respect. Injuries, mental and otherwise, I’ve inflicted on others.

So my heart is heavy with pain of having gone too far.

I would. I did. I shouldn’t.

So now I shy from saying that it’s a good idea.

And in that context, it isn’t. Obviously.

And it’s easy to get context confused.

The ‘too’ is key. Actually, knowing limits is important. The boundary between just far enough and too far is tiny. But it’s significant.

In all contexts.

Too. Qualitatively. Means over a line.

So while I would. I shouldn’t. And as I grow and learn, I try to learn where that line is. For more contexts. More people. More situations. More limits.

Limits aren’t actually bad things.

It’s not the same as constraints.


That’s too far?


Illustration by Anna-Kaisa.


About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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2 Responses to Would you go too far?

  1. Alex says:

    Hi, this question is adapted from a legendary exam question set by a controversial New York academic called Sidney Morgenbesser. His question was “Freud and Marx went too far. Would you go too far?” Imagine that in an exam!

  2. To be honest, with some context like that, I’d much prefer that question to this one. There’s too many types of too far to deal with at the time in the morning I’m now writing unstrucks.

    I’ll adjust though.

    One thing that makes me smile is that the name Sidney Morgenbesser reminds me A LOT of Sidney Mussberger, from the Hudsucker Proxy, which remains one of my favouritest ever films. Coincidence? I wonder. What did Morgenbesser write about? Khatachurian and romance and second chances?

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