Is subjectivity possible under the current administration?

One of my primary issues with the ConDem Coalition currently governing our sceptred isle is definitely that they keep on interfering with my subjective interpretation of the percieved reality in which I’m functioning.

Seriously, what the fuck?

What can get in the way of actual subjective experience? What else is there? And if by administration you mean ‘the powers that be’ on a more metaphysical sense (which I’m sure you do) then what gives even the briefest hint that this wasn’t how ‘they’ meant it to be?

Let’s get down to basics.

There is, it appears, something out there.

By ‘out there’ I mean on the other side of your eyes from your brain.

But in fact, I meant further than that. I mean your body as well.

Basically, it appears that there is something beyond your (or for me, my) point of view.

This is actually the hardest part. Defining an entity capable of having a subjective viewpoint. I mean. We’re all aware of one. We all are one. We live in it. Behind our eyes. Looking out. In between our ears, listening. We think of our brain, due to the intersections of those two perspectives (presumably the nerves required to transfer that kind of detail of information are quite expensive).

But do we really identify with our brain? We more often find ourselves in our guts and heart. But no sensation really puts us inside them except hunger and panic.

Back to the beginning. ‘We’ experience a variety of sense information, and translate it into the world we see, hear, smell, feel and taste around us.

That is the world in which we live. When we listen to other people, it seems like they are sensing roughly the same things as we are (even if they may interpret the sense perception known as ‘David Cameron’ as less of a wanker than I do, for example).

So we tend to assume our senses are accurate, are something meaningul. Except we don’t phrase it like that. We just say that that lampshade, that door, that wall, that ceiling, that photo, that painting, they all exist. They are real.

It’s a pretty important statement, from a functionality point of view. If we don’t assume that what we can see and touch and feel is real, then we are left with not a lot of reality to feed off of.

And even though we all agree to roughly the same things being out there, we interpret the piles differently, and we have no reliable source of information but our own subjective experience of sensation.

We don’t go around asking other people to check that a particular chair is part of a consensual reality before we sit on it.

We generally just sit on it. And we normally don’t end up on the floor.

But even science tells us that the chair is just vibrating energy. Our perception is only a functional guess, not an accurate picture.

It’s all subjective.

There’s no option.

Illustration by Maria.


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