What’s the fabric of reality made of? And where’s the best place to shop for it? I tried C&H Fabrics on Western Road but they don’t have any…

Personally, I always found fabric land more exhilarating, and ditto (on Kensington Gardens) to have the nicest fabrics.

But reality. You won’t find that on sale. We’re all wrapped up in it, or it’s barely even there at all. It’s impossible to market the metaphysically unverifiable.

This isn’t true. Our whole world is full of marketing, despite the solipsistic dilemma.

It should be acknowledged, that when I use cod philosophical words (often real philosophical words) I am emphasising the codness. I am not firmly behind philosophical langauge and sophistry. Especially not when it doesn’t make a difference.

The reality we can see is the only reality we’ve got to play with, and without something to play with, we’re going to get pretty bored, pretty quickly.

Sure. It’s great to keep an open mind to the pliability of our world. To maybe guess that there are layers underneath that would give us freedom to control our world more.

And so much of what we see is formed by our own perceptions and biases. We can certainly affect the way we look at the world; and as our perception is all we’ve got, then that means we can make a difference?


I don’t know. I suspect that it’s more important to widen your perspective by exploring other sides of the coin. Don’t try and melt and mold reality, just spend more time trying to see the realities of other people. A brief vicarious glimpse of the multiplicities of worlds out there is doubtless good for the soul.

Matter is apparently made up of vibrating energy. Forces that behave like particles or waves and build up into the blocks of actual stuff we can see built into actual stuff when we open our eyes. That these tiny whirling monstrosities exist, is proven. It’s possible that the particles are actually multidimensional strings, but no matter how you visualise that, you’re wrong. Visual representations of extra dimensions are at best abstracted and at worst meaningless.

And this is one of those interesting things. The fact is that the fundamental make up of the world is mostly known (to the very clever, and with an incredibly precise margin for error and willingness to have the whole thing overturned if enough evidence is presented), but if you try to explain it, or show it to someone, you are stuck in a world of misrepresentation, abstraction and meaningless gibberish.

But it isn’t meaningless, it’s the closest you’ll get to understanding the very nature of reality.

Now that’s a sophistry I can get behind, perhaps hypocritically.

So we’re made up of particles, that are made up of muons and quarks and bosons (massless particles of energy that keep everything running). These all follow their own insane rules that a counterintuitive and wonderful.

Counterintuitive and wonderful.

That’s what reality is. Even on a perceivable level. Maybe if we keep that in mind we might get somewhere.

Drop your assumptions, and just stare wide eyed in glee.

Like fireworks, oooooooOOOOOOOOOooooooh.

Illustration by Lucy.

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Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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One Response to What’s the fabric of reality made of? And where’s the best place to shop for it? I tried C&H Fabrics on Western Road but they don’t have any…

  1. Vivek narain says:

    Matter is made up of mainly space,massless energyless.energy particles like photons can mutate into flow of electrons i.e electricity, the most versatile form of energy yet known.lasers are another form of photon in vigorous stage of utility,we can assume that subtler forms of photon are yet to be known which may unravel fabric of reality.

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