What about the voice of Geddy Lee, how did it get so high?

I’m now slightly worried that all the questions this week have been Pavement lyrics without me noticing (well, I noticed on tuesday, but thus far that hasn’t been posted, so there’s still something of some sort going on here).

There’s something of some sort going on here. I am a master of precision communication of bold and concise ideas.

Anyway. I don’t know who Geddy Lee is. But apparently he’s a canadian with a a high pitched voice. I only know this because of South Park and Pavement.

That’s enough surely?

Voice is a strange one. It’s the think most likely to put me off or turn me on when meeting someone new. I think it’s the biggest deal breaker for me. I doubt I could ever romance someone with a voice that grated even a little bit. And I know I fall in love with people on the basis of their accents.

I suspect this means I wouldn’t fancy Geddy Lee, even if he does know one of the members of Pavement, who confirms that he speaks like an ordinary guy.

He’s the fact checking cannonball.

As I said the other day, (but you don’t know yet, maybe, depends when you’re reading this), I love that phrase.

I think there’s romance in it, despite it essentially not making much sense.

Cannonball lyrics aren’t the best. Oasis’ attempt at being deep, the hideously memorable Champagne Supernova, features the line ‘Slowly rolling down the hall, faster than a cannonball’. I shouldn’t need to take the piss, it should be clear what is going on here.

To the extent I feel guilty even bringing it up. It’s a tenuous link anyway. But then, today appears to be more about free association and the drive to JUST KEEP ON TYPING than about any actual meaningful exploration of ideas.

I guess it’s going to happen like that sometimes. I don’t know what goes down better, my actual attempts at thought or my unfocussed attempts at gibberish. I suspect there isn’t actually that much of a difference.

Anyway, watched Titanic last night, which contains the voice of another shrill Canadian. It’s funny how much the emotion is sapped by the fear that ‘that song’ is going to come in at any moment.

I fell asleep near the end (is there will thirty whole minutes where the stage directions are essentially ‘and the boat sinks’) and woke up for the climax. Obviously I cried, I am a man built out of sentimentality and cheese, but then the opening bars of ‘that fucking song’ came in (watch out for the ridiculously cheap bass notes in the intro, they almost salvage it with their giggleworthiness). I had to turn off the screen before the credits started rolling and broke me.

Turns out I no longer just find Kate Winslet very attractive, but I also want her wardrobe; that dress at the beginning is INCREDIBLE.

So yeah. Geddy learnt to sing falsetto, and it served him well.

Job done.

Illustration by Adam.


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2 Responses to What about the voice of Geddy Lee, how did it get so high?

  1. Jimothy Bo Baggins says:


  2. Emma F says:

    Nah, only two of them were pavement lyrics, cos I was listening to pavement at the time. The rest are just general important matters.

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