Cake or Death?

Cake please. *Reaches out hand expectantly*


Okay. That’s not how the internet works, is it.



I’ve kinda answered already. But you aren’t going to let me stop. (I really should let me stop, I’m running ludicrously late already, and am going to end up either not eating or showing up for work spectacuarly late).

Ah well. Carry on anyway.

Cake is good. I’m a big fan. It’s my treat of choice. I’ve even started getting more passionate about it since Lucy made me a picture of me as a lion sitting on top of a cake emblazoned with the legend ‘Alex: Queen of Cake’. You just can’t argue with a title like that.

Anyway, the truth is, that despite my passion for cake, I do believe that death is more important. That doesn’t mean I’m going to ask for death if cake is on offer, so my answer stands, but in the grand scheme of things, death is what matters.

Without death, change would be even slower than it already is. The idea of a world that had to sustain all of the people that have ever lived is kinda horrific.

Don’t get me wrong, death is a bastard, it’s taken from me several people I love dearly, some of them young and fresh and barely having had a chance to make an impact. But, well, it happens. It’s part of the world. Death is a reality, and without it, life would be pretty meaningless; and I mean that in a very real way.

If there was no death, then there’d be no reason not to just war at each other constantly. Fear of death keeps us all in check on that count, but it also inspires us to take risks and live.

We are all going to die some day. It’s a good motivating factor for getting out there and doing something interesting today.

Because, as cliched as it is, it’s true that tomorrow could be the day.

Today could be your last.

So maybe I shouldn’t sit around moping and eating cake so often. Let’s face it, none of us do as much as we could to live life to the full (though I do try and seek really good cakes whenever I can).

But that’s okay too.

It’s not really about this ‘things to do before you die’ attitude. You don’t have to canoe down Niagra falls or jump off the Gerkhin to say you’re living a full life. That’s silly.

The important thing is to remember to live from day to day as if you are you. Don’t be scared of who you are. You are the only person who can be and do that. Take advantage of that fact. Don’t die tomorrow knowing that you were never really yourself.

If that means enjoying cakes, that’s okay.

Remember to make an impact. Be good to people, help them to be themselves too.

Then you live on after you die.

(Without the cake).

Illustration by Andy.


About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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