Is it possible to “live and let die”?

If you’re reading this, you’re already doing the former.

And you don’t really have much choice about the latter.

But before you do, I recommend taking a moment to remember the reggae section from that song. Possibly the most ill advised musical segue of all time, and thus one of my favourite pieces of music.

Seriously, the structure of that song is ‘mellowROCKrockReggaeROCKmellowROCKrockROCK’. It’s brilliant. And of course, when I say reggae, I don’t mean ‘reggae’ I mean, horrid reggappropriation. Stilted and contrived and ill advised on just about every level.

It’s amazing that Paulie managed to contrive something even more absurd than the title. (‘Here, Linda? You know how people sometimes say ‘Live and let live?’ How about we say Live and let DIE instead!”That’s hilarious Paul, fancy a vegan sausage?’).

It sounds like it doesn’t make sense, but actually you’re still saying roughly the same thing you’re said when you were young and your heart was an open book. Life leads to death, entropically, inevitably and utterly. Live and let live for long enough and you’ll have lived and let die.

Unless you die first. In which case you’re the one being let.

So rather than being nonsensical, the lyrics are actually just bland fluff. Which isn’t much better.

But it’s a great (and ridiculous) record. Not my favourite Wings track, but a close second (the only two I’d ever be likely to put on in just about any situation ever).

If you don’t learn to let die, then your life is going to be full of pain. I mean, it’s going to be painful no matter what. Unless you can learn not to attach to anyone, in which case it’s just going to be shit, lonely and boring.

I don’t think it’s depressing to be aware of the role death has to play in our lives. Impermanence is the very nature of being. Death is living proof (kinda). It serves as a reminder of the importance of the day we are in.

I’m aware just how trite that is, but considering we started with a Paul McCartney lyric, I don’t know what else you could’ve possibly expected.

But I’m right. I think.

Adjust to the fact that death is a part of life or you are not going to know what hits you.

I started to lose people when I was little. Most people did. Everyone always says that it makes you remember to live life to the full, but you can never keep that in mind, particularly in a society that thrives on the idea that you should save and wait and work for tiny flashes of enjoyment. The protestant/butlins work ethic or somesuch.

But I should try.

Life is out there, and will end some day, for all of us (probably not the same day).

Don’t be a dick. We’re only here for so long. Any time could be the time after which you never see someone again.

If that isn’t a reason for love…

Illustration by Justin.


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