3 feet high and rising – true or false?

I am approximately 5’11”. I doubt I am going to get any taller.

I genuinely don’t really understand the question beyond that.

Okay. A quick google and I’m actually a little embarrassed. Classic hip-hop record I didn’t really know the name of? How embarrassing for my muso credibility.

So I feel like a mug, but I’m not much closer to having an answer. I mean. Can a whole album be true, or even false? Shall we take this somewhere else?

Or we could look at Johnny Cash, watching his life slowly flood. Or to allusions to getting stoned? That seems a little desperate, but let’s be honest, I’m right here, clutching at straws. And also, I’m disappointed Johnny didn’t think about getting to higher ground until the water was five feet up. Surely, the rising water is an indicator of trouble.

Please notice when your world is drowning, and get to higher ground.

Which perhaps brings me somewhere I can actually start talking about something.

What do you do when the water’s rising? I guess it depends where it’s coming from, but generally, you damn the source, and you move to higher ground.

Right now, in our world. The water is rising, in one way or another. The climate is shifting in a way we’re probably too late to change, and our addiction to a finite resource, fossil fuels, is leading us to destroy huge swathes of land, just so we can destroy huge swathes of atmosphere. The water is rising and we’re pissing into it, so to speak. Only with hoses.

And I suspect we’re in up to our necks already.

I was thinking about this yesterday, whilst idling in a park with a good friend. Behind me was the blur of car noise, but in front a beautiful tree, and a space in which a hundred people are enjoying the sunshine, their lunch, snacks, drinks, clothes, and the air all around them.

It felt strange. There was a sense that this should all be ok. Why should people not live this kind of contented consumption? Sitting in parks enjoying the sun is what we were made for?

But I could see underneath, the supporting lines of waste and excess. The cars behind me audibly incarnated the transport and infrastructure that made the excess possible.

Is it excess? Is it not just normal?

Well. It can be both. The waters right now are visible. The signs that something is wrong are pretty much everywhere if you listen. If you look around a city you can see a world that has been constructed out of destruction. The greyness of it all pervades.

I still feel ridiculous trying to look this stuff in the eye. But the fact remains that we’re running out of time, and things are badly wrong.

I continue to consume. I’m too scared to step outside of my safety net and get to higher ground. I’m not even sure I’d know how to start.

And the water’s rising.

Illustration by Karen.


About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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