Are we nearly there yet?


But never actually there. We’ve got on foot in the future, and one in the past, which leaves us halfway between, and never fully the next.

I don’t think I believe in destinations. Or stopping. Pausing maybe, taking a look around, but that’s till movement. You take in somewhere, breathe it in with lungs and eyes and ears. And you are very there. But.

It’s not all the way. There’s always another step to be made. That’s how life works.

Even with the specific theres. It’s never quite what you were aiming for. There’s always more to happen. It’s just out of reach, but this is okay. Movement is where we are, and we can stay that way. This is living.

It doesn’t mean we don’t do it thoughtfully.

I wonder what there meant, for the questioneer. Taking it philopoliticalally, I assume either ‘the end’ or ‘the solution’. Are we anywhere near working out how to fix the world or are we so close to a final crisis that we don’t have a chance.

We may well be nearly there. But either way, it’s not the end of the journey, just a change in direction, and we’ll still have to find something new to aim for. Some where there to try and be.

It’s a constantly shifting set of decisions. We shouldn’t rush it, we need to enjoy the ride. Enjoy finding paths and seeing the scenery. Be connected to the other routes around us. We are all finding paths, they are wrapping around each other.

We, as a planet, walk together.

And sometimes I hope that we dance and sing along the way.

It is not the where we get to. It’s the way we get there. Aware and listening or as fast as possible, crushing whatever else we’ve got nearby underfoot.

If you only care about where you’re going, you don’t enjoy the journey and you don’t make friends. But walking, finding paths and moving forward is all that life is.

I feel like modern life is aiming for things so far off an imaginary that we are crushing everything to get them. By supplanting simpler goals with want for richness and fame and all the other little things along those roads, we’re losing sight of everything around us. The people we walk with. The ground we walk upon. The birds flying above and the fish swimming along side.

We are surrounded by life, and by retreating into our own destination, our own hopes and fears, we blinker ourselves. We don’t see the wonders.

So always be nearly there. Pick routes forward that allow you to take your time. Find a way that doesn’t just mean staring off into the distance, or keeping your eyes fearfully on the road. Slow and look around.

And once you’re there. Breathe in, look around, and see a new path forward.

There’s always a new path.

And it could take you anywhere.

So let it.

Illustration by Allie.

About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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