Why not?

Fear. Mostly.


Well. Obviously. Contextlessly, I’m projecting. There could be a million reasons. But when someone asks me ‘why?’, I often reply ‘why not?’.

Fear tends to keep us from doing things. It’s the thing that holds back the future from being bigger and more fantastical. It’s the fear of losing the security of comfort of maintaining a peaceful status quo. Which is, lets face it, easy. Change is the thing we look for excuses to avoid.

And whys are largely excuses.

I’ve said before, my problem with the question ‘why’, is that it doesn’t usually lead to actual answers. Just layers of wordplay. There are very few whys in the world. The child’s game of constantly asking ‘why’, and asking again and again no matter what the response, seems like an irritation, but it’s more.

The problem is, people always answer whys with hows. Why is the sky blue? Because the light refracts in a certain way through the droplets of moisture in the air. Why? Because that’s how light works. Why? Because it does.

Like hunting for first causes, you can’t keep going without eventually falling into a leap of faith, or absurdity, or both.

Because we, and things, don’t really have reasons for things. Not apart from the ways we justify the world to ourselves. We have two pictures, one of ourselves and one of the world, and we spend our lives trying to glue them together with words. Making sure we can be consistent between both. These stories we tell are our approximation of whys. Nothing more.

And they are built, like all else, on fear of chaos. Absurdities and faithfulness.

It’s possible to have a coherent worldview and believe in it. But it only gives you a system within which to justify your fears and actions.

And why not?

I don’t know.

I suspect its quite simply the fac that we’ve got no better option. This is where we are, and this is what we have to deal with. The important thing is to be a aware that what we see isn’t bare truth. There’s a flexibility in the world and our understanding of it. This realisation should help us in our explorations of the world and its inhabitants.

You deal with what you’ve got, and then you build it into whatever you can.

Collaborate on reality with loved ones. There’s magic to be sculpted into realities. There’s truths out there, at least enough for everybody. Find them and shape them.

Why not?

Because if you don’t, you may as well give up. Fear is dangerous. Stasis is dangerous. Look at the world with open eyes. Stare it down and say ‘yes’.

And don’t forget to care. There’s other entities exploring. It’s impossible to know how they see the world, but take some time to respect that fact. Everyone’s playing with a similar underneath. Love that. Help others find their own universes.

In short, make sure you aren’t a reason why not.

Why not?

Illustration by Adam.

About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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