Quod erat demonstrandum or not?

I don’t think you can prove things with words.

I’m not entirely sure you can prove things with anythings.

For obvious reasons, I’m going to have trouble proving those statements. Apart from in as much as they are opinions, and they are my opinions, so my statement of them as such is fairly close to proof.

Except it isn’t. The human potential for self deception (and straightforward deception) is immense. Stating, or even believing, something, does not even reliably indicate that it is how you actually feel. It appears to be the case that to a large extent, our brains justify the actions we take after we have taken them.

This doesn’t deny us our agency, but it does mean we have to be wary about bold statements of self. Or at least I do. Perhaps this is my personal damages. I’ve gone mad (lost touch with reality and started believing dangerous impossibilities) enough times to need a defensive skepticism.

And so I’m left considering the whole of the universe is unprovable, but functional enough to get by.

Apparently it’s not true that glass is technically a liquid. But if you think of a structure that was like that, that’s what my world is made of. Technically more fluid than it appears. Functionally exactly as it appears.

Transparently weird.

Can I even prove the unprovability of the universe?

I’m no philosopher. I’m not good with all that word logic. So I’m sure someone could tear this to shreds. And I wouldn’t even trust my wordplay myself. So this seems pointless. But I’ve got 250 more words to write, so lets at least try. Right?

My mind appears to be lodged in my head somewhere. I only experience the world through the sight of my eyes, the feel of my skin, the smell of my nose, etc. Everything outside my body is only known by my senses. The same goes for my inside. It’s still just nerve endings that give me a feeling of solidity.

That sense perception is just information. There’s no way of knowing that it connects to anything real. The difference between an illusory world made up by my ‘mind’ and a real one that my mind is experiencing is imperceptible.

Which is fine. Because it’s all we’ve got. But it’s worth acknoweldging. And seems fairly self evident.

The problem is we don’t even know what the mind is. Right at the inside. I have a point of view. It is made up of sense perceptions. I feel part of the world. I have no idea what the I in that sentence is. But it’s here. Thinking these thoughts. Writing them down. Getting confused and wound up and lost in them.

But that is all I can know. And its fairly obvious that that is as unreliable as anything else. My perception of me is inseparable from my need to have a story.

None of this makes any sense. But its all we’ve got.


Or not.

Illustration by Adam.


About Alex Ava

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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