Why do birds suddenly appear?

Let’s be realistic here.

They don’t.

Nothing ever appears suddenly. Apart from maybe feelings (which is what the song is about) but these aren’t actual birds. And really, they probably fall under the same rules as everything else.

What are the same rules as everything else? Birds are caused by a longwinded chain of events going back to the moment of creation, whatever that consisted of (a giant pop of universe from close to nothing to everything in a few moments, that’s been shown, but we still don’t know what happened before that, it’s in the realm of impossible to know, and there for meaningless/a matter of faith).

Since then, things have happened. Stars have formed, clouds have condensed, planets have started spinning, water, air and life have all sprung up, and somehow this turns into birds.

It’s absolutely incredible. But please don’t confuse that with impossible.

In an immense universe, a lot of strange things are going to happen. In an infinite one, all of them would. Looking at the wonders of creation as an expression of the law of averages may seem bleak to some, but I don’t think it reduces the amazement of all that’s built up around us.

That there are enough planets for reproduction to start happening. For DNA to cohere and grow and be passed on. For this perfect expression of the nature of the universe to start springing up in microcosm, is little short of a miracle.

But miracles happen. That’s the nature of a spectacular universe. Nature is millions of tiny, little things building into a billions of immense incredible structures.

Life comes from repeating patterns on clay. Birds come from dinosaurs come from swimming stomachs come from tiny cells come from next to nothing.

The right conditions create the next moment.

This is true in life, as in everywhere else.

Every moment is built on the moment before (and all the ones before that). The choices we make in the current instant are built upon everything we have learnt. Everything we have seen. Everyone we have known and every thing that has happened.

Everything that happens is happening right now, in this moment it is being expressed. The world is complex and iterative and we cannot escape the past that we are built from.

Birds don’t suddenly appear. They evolve slowly, and fly.

We can do the same.

It’s called living.

The weight of history stacks up upon us. But it should not be a burden. It should be the knowledge, the heart, the strength with which we step into the future.

On this day three years ago, a close friend died, was buried and was lost to the ground.

But in my heart, as in the soil, she lives on and helps the future grow. My mind can be filled with her voice and spirit. Carrying it onwards into the world that we live.

The same is true of everything.

It’s not sudden, it’s continuous.

And beautiful.

Like birds appear.

Illustration by Paul


About Alabaster Crippens

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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