Why is one’s libido at its highest when one is trying to study? (Considering that there is nothing inherently sexy about the subject matter)

I mean, why are you studying something you don’t find sexy?

Not necessarily sexy sexy, but sexy enough to pique your interest, get your mind spinning and raging and playing with itself.

I’m pretty sure it’s a documented psychological effect, but for some reason my tired face can only uncover a link to the urban dictionary, which doesn’t bode well, but…

The theory goes that it is possible to bounce intense emotions from one to another fairly easy. The original study, which my memory tells me was called ‘Love in High Places’ posits that whilst walking along a rickety rope bridge over a valley, the intense fear of falling can easily be transferred into falling desperately in love with the person you are there with. One intense emotion can flip to another quickly. Fear to laughter,nerves to love, studying to wanking.

It seems there’s a simpler explanation, which is just that we are masters of both procrastination and getting horny. Studying is largely something that happens slowly only because we enjoy distracting ourselves, and what better distraction is there than our selves.

Sitting in a chair, slightly uncomfortable, body parts pressed up, mind racing for the facts of the matter and desperately hunting for something else to look for. Is it a surprise that our bodies get our attention? We’re pretty firmly ensconced in our bodies. It’s fairly clear that we’re in contact with them, and maybe, once we’ve got rid of all of the other distractions, its going to scream at us a little louder.

And its good to listen. Libido rages inside, projects outwards onto others, makes idiots of us and makes us waste our time. But it also connects us with our bodies, brings us closer together (often very close, if we’re lucky enough) and makes our time magical.

Also, gravity clearly pulls blood into the genital region whilst propped up at a computer. I think it’s something about sitting, the pressure on the perinium and buttocks. The slow, powerful weight of ourselves, pressed against ourselves. It doesn’t take much to increase an intensity of feeling in our intimacies. It’s pretty much what they’re there for.

So we switch our interest. Intense thought becomes intense feeling, but it’s harder to feel the glory of academe than it is to feel the flushing of your own sex, filling and raging and waking inside.

And why would one not delve into that? A distraction that wakes you up. Something that invigorates and engages, makes you more content and connected, generally better able to function.

It can focus you. If you let it distract you. It’s probably suppressing it that’s worst.

Which unfortunately means my conclusion is probably ‘don’t worry about studying, have a wank instead’.

Which I’m not sure I have a problem with. Just remember to start studying again once you’re done.

As long as it’s something your passionate about it, you should be able to transfer it back.

Fall in love with your work.

In hot places.

Illustration by Emma


About Alex Ava

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool. Non binary trans. zey/hir or they/them
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One Response to Why is one’s libido at its highest when one is trying to study? (Considering that there is nothing inherently sexy about the subject matter)

  1. jimeyre says:

    But what if you don’t have the time or energy to wank? Surely not all rechanneling is harmful suppression?

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