Is it acceptable to wear odd socks?

Who demarcates what is acceptable and what isn’t?? The sockwearer? Society? Me?

I think it’s fine, and can actually be quite sartorially attractive, if done right. Asymmetry is appealing in clothes, although it probably shouldn’t just be at sock level (although again, if they happen to be well hidden, or exposed the right amount, it’s fine). I quite like the little flash of colour occasionally bursting out of the bottom of a dull suit, and it’s more colourful if odd, but it can make you look slapdash.

The important thing to think about is, who cares? And do you care about them caring?

I’ve been told by people that they judge people based on their footwear and fingernails. I’m pretty sure they’re lying, as they like me, and my feet are generally fairly monstrous (though my fingernails usually well trimmed these days, for the record).

I don’t actually believe in socks.

I mean, I understand that they exist as much as anything else does (ie unprovably, but probably, or at least effectively), I’m not some kind of sock-denier. But, well, they seem to do more harm than good.

This is potentially almost as ridiculous a statement as to claim that socks don’t exist, but you pick your nemeses, and I’ll pick mine.

After giving up socks and shoes, and switching to having to spend half of the year explaining to everyone I see how my feet aren’t cold (or at least, how they aren’t too cold) in sandals, I feel less burdened by the problem of socks.

I still have a bag of socks, for emergency situations. I am pretty sure most of the surviving socks are evenly paired up, which is a bit shocking.

But, well, I wouldn’t wear them except when necessary, so I find it hard to care.

Does it look good? In odd socks? Does it suit the look you’re going for? Or perhaps clash just enough to feel like some small private rebellion?

I actually think there’s something endearing in noticing odd socks. Once the comfort zone is reached and the shoes pop off leaving the two different creatures out to fend for themselves. Oddness leads to greater personification, maybe? I find it easier to identify with two differently similar ‘people’ than with two identical ‘people’.

And really, anything is acceptable, apart from in circles that I try to avoid. If you’re starting to deny people access to your group on the basis of sock oddness, then you’ve possibly got pathetic enough for me to not be interested.

But then, I do like to dress up, and sometimes, the right look is the right look.

Do you know what? I don’t care, and I don’t think you should either. Oddness was meant to happen. Pairs of things are supposed to be partners, not clones. Things aren’t always supposed to match, and sometimes it’s the contrasts that are nicer.

Do it for display, or do it for yourself, but don’t let oddness get in your way.

Illustration by Emma


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3 Responses to Is it acceptable to wear odd socks?

  1. I used to wear odd socks all the time, no problem doing that I think. People who’d judge someone badly on that are odd themselves.

    These days I just buy a big bunch of identical socks, so I don’t ever need to pair them up as whichever ones I pick, they match and on average they all get about the same amount of wear. Then when they start developing hoes they’re out the door and I grab a new lot.

    God, can’t believe I’m posting about my sock habits.


  2. BC says:

    I’d guess it depends how you see the world and how you define ‘pair’ of socks. So, the usual definition of ‘matching’ socks is two that look the same. If you matched them up using different criteria – say, weight and softness of wool – you may well end up wearing two matching socks of completely different colours. Very conformist… only not.

  3. In my sock wearing days, I definitely found it more important to match weight and texture than colour. Obviously this actually meant that sometimes I did end up with matching socks (as surprisingly, actual pairs are more likely to be similar).

    Anyway, glad to be learning about everyone’s feet accoutremating.

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