“No-one has ever lived in the past. No-one will ever live in the future. The present is the form of all life. ” Discuss.

We’ve been here before.

But not here. Not now. Now is unique; but it stretches into infinity. Constantly changing. Constantly renewed. The moment in which things happen. Until now. Nothing can have an impact.

But now is the sum of the past. And the future is built on that. The present moment is a hinge or axle upon which all of everything ever turns.

No pressure.

It’s a balancing act. In the moment of now we have to keep track of the lessons of the past, remembering how we got here. In the now, we have to bear in mind the impacts upon the future. The now is where the action is, but there’s a thread running between all three parts, and we are it. We are a thread from our ancestors to our descendants. From the beginning of time to the end. People have lived before, people will live in the future. They are the previous versions of ourselves. They are the future versions of our selves.

I don’t mean in some unprovable mystical reincarnation; though its a beautiful metaphor and one of those unlikely things magical enough to be possible. What I mean is the people who lived before us, created the world and the moment we now live in. We are doing the same for all the infinite people and creatures of the future.

The universe is an iterative process. No now is disconnected. The present moment is the form of life, but it always has been and it always will be. Life is a smear of you. Time is the dimension we really stretch out in. We can only experience an instant at a time, but our memory ties us to the whole of this enormous prismic tube of every where we have ever been. Our foresight, our ability to guess, also projects us into the infinite possibilities of the future.

The only limiting factor. The only space for change. The time for living. It’s now. Right now.

Keep in your mind everything you have been. All the steps that got you here and all the other possible nows there could have been, then forget them, and move into the future. The future should also be remembered, but not feared. A long term view is necessary to positive living, but you can’t rely on it. Expectations eat you up. Hope makes your hurt. Fear weakens your foundation. Worry makes you crumble.

But you need to look to the future, because, while now is the only action. And now is where we  will always live, the future is where we build our nows. We set up the deck that we play with. Each moment of play, gives us the space of the future. The room to move around in. Each step is a now, but the future is the ballroom, and the past is where we learnt our moves.

Now is freedom. The future is the multiplication of that into infinity.

Live now. Make the future bold.

Illustration by Henry


About Alex Ava

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool. Non binary trans. zey/hir or they/them
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