What time is love?

Always now.

Always and now. It’s part of that infinite now that stretches out not just in every spatial direction (because love is bigger than universe, and wraps us all together) but also temporally. Love holds together the people that open their hearts to it, and offers solace. Love is capable of being everything. Bringing everything together. Helping us to understand each other and recognise that which we have in common. Love is the empathy that could change the world.

I am willing to be brutally hippy on this one, because I think its fundamental.

Love now, and the world can be changed.

Love is largely an empathetic process. Its something akin to delighting in the pleasure of someone else. It’s thinking about their spirit hard and long enough to know that you are the same as them. Your well being is the same thing as theirs. When they smile, you reflect that, when they pain, you strive to fix it.

Love is, essentially, humanity. Or at least, the thing that we arrogantly call humanity.

Love is something we share with friends. Listening to their lives and games and joining with them in their enjoyment and struggles. We talk in ways to make each other life. We tell each other truths and broaden that connection. We make contact. One to another. Attempting to reach across the immense distances that separate one consciousness from another.

The distance is immense, isn’t it, but we cross it instantly when we have the will. Meeting new people can set us on fire in an instant, and we recognise something of ourselves in them.

It’s like a brief moment in which you see that for all our differences we are all the same.

Love is making that understanding real, and carrying it on forever.

Love strikes me as a form of enlightenment. It’s brief flashes that splash awareness between us. It’s the recognition of fundamental and incomprehensible underpinnings of the universe.

It’s realising that there are bigger things than self. The world is full of people and creatures and perceptions which are enough like us to be experiencing the same world. At least, that’s how it appears. It’s a leap of faith to connect with another point of view, but when we do it, we build a bridge. Understanding each other is a powerful and inc redible thing. Recognising our self in someone else is incredible.

Empathy and compassion are the foundation of everything truly, intrinsically beautiful.

Without understanding, meaning collapses. If we can’t bridge the gap between our headspace and another’s, then we are basically lost. Our world, the one we share, is built on love in all its forms.

Love is so utterly now that is inescapable. It has been forever, and always will be. As long as there is consciousness, and another consciousness there is the possibility of love.

And it may just all be worth the effort.

Love now, forever, always, everywhere, everyone, everything.

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Illustration by Jaime


About Alex Ava

Joiner of Dots. Player of Games. Unreliable Narrator. Dancing Fool.
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