What is the best weather?

Any weather would be shit forever. Weather isn’t supposed to stay the same. For all the ‘typically British’ whinging about the weather (generally taking the view that anything bad will last forever and anything good will last for a minute), the fact is that we have it about right here. On average.

The time just after rain is my favourite personally, particularly if there’s a burst of sunshine. Just the other day, I went out for my lunchbreak in the beaming sun, but by the time I’d found some green to sit upon, it was grey. The rain came, but looking across, I could see that blue skies were still around. I stuck it out. As my clothes slowly filled with water, I watched the blueness creep closer. I saw the light brighton the dome of the nearby ridiculous gate, as the rain toughened, I could see the sun creep closer, until suddenly, I bathed in it.

The smell of rain on pavements. The geosmin and petrichor as the world moistens and the actinobacteria as the earth dries out again.

There are chemical processes that underly our romances.

Sometimes they have cool names.

So it’s liminal points that I like best. The bursting through of one thing into the next. The sudden weight of rain in the air. The unsettling of a placid sea.

And we need those changes. Stasis is death. Rain feeds our gardens, but sun feeds our plants. Wind helps the world circulate. Fog looks good. Clouds paint the sky, moving water around the world.

Weather is the brush strokes of a global system of atmosphere that feeds the world. Well, most bits of it anyway. It tends to leave some naked stretches, but that’s how it works. It’s an emergent system. Huge intricate patterns emerge from simple elements like heat and the chemical properties of water. Interacting elements combine, conjoin, split and spread.

The world, at heart, is a barren rock, but the air that is held to it gives it weather. Without that, the system of life that has built up would at best be entirely different (and probably much simpler) and at worst, simply non-existent.

Life is all about edge. The place where two things meet is the place where the interesting things can get going. To increase biodiversity, you increase the edge between habitats. Surface area. The place where one thing can impact another.

It could be raunchy, and its no coincidence, that’s where life happens.

Weather isn’t something there for you to enjoy in one situation and not in another. Rain isn’t bad. Sun isn’t good. Wind isn’t annoying. Fog isn’t atmospheric (well, it is, literally, but that’s not the point).

Weather isn’t for your benefit. Weather just is, and without it, the world would be in tatters. Weather is a system that brings life. It brings elements from one place to another. It increases the edge of the world.

And that’s pretty cool.

That is, in fact, the best.

Illustration by Emma


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