What are the five practical steps towards your creative place in the Noosphere?

If I knew that, I probably wouldn’t be here.

The noosphere, for those not in the no, is the shared idea space. It’s a sphere in the same way that atmosphere and biosphere are. That is, it’s something that surrounds the world. It is more of a conceptual space though. It isn’t held in by gravity, though it is limited to space where thought happens and tends to stick close to living beings, so it’s pretty much gravity bound.

There’s a shared space in which thought occurs, or perhaps, more precisely, the interaction of ideas occurs. The noosphere, isn’t the same thing as the collective unconscious, it isn’t an underlying mystical connection. It’s closest analogue is the air we breathe, and that’s important. The only way you can keep an idea out of the noosphere is to hold it in, to not tell anyone. For many people, this is pretty much impossible. A good idea wants to be let out. I don’t know if this qualifies as showing off, or if it is just an autonomic response, like having to breathe out.

I always find it pretty that inspiration means breathing in as well as getting ideas.

But I’m a bad person to ask this question. I live in the noosphere, like we all do. I spend a lot of time exploring it. I read it, I listen to it, and I try to follow its eddies and whorls. But I don’t feel like I have a place in it. I lack actual creativity.

My primary mode of expression is this blog, a fairly hamfisted attempt to create a little structure in the ‘sphere. I ride the crest of someone else’s thought. I seek questions from others so I don’t have to think about a starting point. My creativity is stolen from volunteers (increasingly hard to come by, please ask questions, they are the breath of this project). I try to return the favour by passing this on to illustrators and readers, but essentially, its a selfish practice.

I need to feel like I’m writing, but I can’t come up with ideas.

But maybe I’m unfair on myself. The unsubtlety of the way I harness the noosphere isn’t in itself a problem. Any engagement could potentially be an inspiration for another, and ideas are a renewable resource (“some good ideas get overplayed”).

Your place in the noosphere is where you are. You are already there. If you want to change that place, move. It’s still around and inside you. The only way to encourage it further is to stimulate it more. The more of anything, the better.

Five steps?

  • Look at the world, and write it down
  • Listen to the world, and sing about it.
  • Touch the world, and let it move you, dancely.
  • Smell the world, and synaesthise it into discussion.
  • Taste the world, and spit it back out in a different form.

All these clauses are interchangeable.

Experience, out loud.

Listen, learn, engage.

Illustration by Jaime


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