Want to join in?

Questioners and Illustrators often needed.

If you want to ask a question (or five), try and follow ‘the rules’, which are twofold and simple:

  • No ‘interview questions’ – Nothing too directly about me, I am self obsessed enough as it is without having another blog about my feelings.
  • Avoid questions we’ve already had – There’s a full list here. Just take a quick scan.

If you want to illustrate, just send me your e-mail address, and I’ll get in contact to arrange a suitable time. The way it works is that I’ll send a text in the morning, and you’ll have until midnight to illustrate it however you wish. In principle, there’s a thirty minute time limit for the actual because I don’t like stealing your time, and restrictions are useful creative tools. I can’t currently offer any money, but you hold all rights to your work (apart from those used by wordpress so they can publish to the internet). If there’s ever an opportunity to make money out of this, I will be in contact to ask how you’d like to proceed. For now though, it’s all about the opportunity to be explore the world creatively.

If you want to play, or have anything to say, just fill in the form: