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The higher you build your barriers

Staring through the chain link fence, I see ghosts of buildings marching past. It’s been like this for years. I gaze through monsters at another world. Something I am not part of. I only see the eyes staring back once … Continue reading

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Picking up something good

I still just don’t know quite what is about music. But it’s there, in my brain, forever floating around and carrying threads of thoughts and emotions and all sorts in and around. I feel like it shuffles me sometimes. Reboots … Continue reading

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Sometimes, even when the sun is shining I can see rain. It’s funny how used to a view through one window you can get. It’s strange that every line stays the same, you just get used to always having that … Continue reading

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The King of the Meowcats had never met Wassily Wassileyevich Kandinsky, but he was quite convinced that he’d want to. If it were possible. It was the latest addition to his list of things that he could do. The decision … Continue reading

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Everything that happens is happening right now. If you look carefully, you can see the same things happening again and again. Someone reaching out to another. With an outstretched hand or a kiss. Fishes melt into faces. Angels fly into … Continue reading

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Is that me? Am I underwater? Why are there two of me? There’s always two of me. Me and the reflection. In the water. Underwater. Rippling outwards. I feel lost somehow. Gazing at my frozen self. Static under motions. There’s … Continue reading

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