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What’s under the blanket?

Everything is the blanket. Outside the blanket is just more blankets. Alternatively, under the blanket is where the romantic tension happens. The soft idle brushes of body upon body. Any excuse to create closeness, contact and the comfort of something … Continue reading

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Are Spongebob’s pants square because Spongebob is square or is Spongebob square because he needs to fit in his Squarepants?

Well, they say that clothes maketh the man. So if we’re using the logically sound methodology of believing sayings, then the trousers were responsible for the squareness of the bottom. And then, science would probably indicate that sponges seem to … Continue reading

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If the world was ending tomorrow and you were asked to make a speech, what would you say?

The world is not something that can be summed up. There is no fitting coda for the history of all that has taken place on this planet. If I’m honest (or perhaps the right word is teleological) about things, I … Continue reading

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What is fire made of?

Phlogiston. Everyone knows that, right? Phlogiston is a substance found in all objects that are capable of burning. When it gets hot enough, it incandesces, lives in a flaming form for a while, and then evaporates into smoke, leaving behind … Continue reading

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