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In this modern era, is it possible to live a life without the usage of the internet, mobile phones, and the usage of social networking sites? And if so, how is it?

I think it’s possible. But tricky for the already engaged. And if you want to engage in cyber-hermitage, you’re probably going to end up having to shift a lot of behaviours. I’m already a little bit digital hobo, because I … Continue reading

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Is it possible to ”fall in love” online?

It’s certainly possible to fall into a hole or two. This may be my weaknesses more than anything else, but in a specific way, the internet is the ideal place to ‘fall in love’. But I don’t know if it … Continue reading

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Is there life on other planets? Are they like us?

Probably, and probably not. Though I do often wonder. It’s a really tricky thing to speculate about. It appears to be pure serendipity that’s led our particular rock to be just the right distance from just the right size of … Continue reading

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Should I move to Brighton ? If yes, where would be a good place to live ?

The short answer is yes, because I’d like to meet you. (NB, that doesn’t actually just apply to the questioner, I generally like meeting people. I would definitely like to meet the questioner though). The long answer is yes, probably. … Continue reading

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With the way modern technology is developing, do you think that inventors/scientists are getting closer to developing the ”hoverboard” like it appeared in the film “Back to the future : part II”?

Let’s see if I can resist the urge to mention the singularity without actually explaining it. Oops. I can’t say I’m much of a futurist, particularly technologically speaking. It strikes me that the most obvious advancements are more mundane (though … Continue reading

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