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Where has all the imagination gone?

What the hell are you talking about? It’s everywhere. Unless, of course, you’re talking about this blog, in which case, sorry, but yes, 90% of posts generally devolve into one of a select few rants (change (personal), change (political), karma, … Continue reading

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What’s inside the box?

The context to this is probably this. Acclaimed (lovely but megalomaniacal) games developer Peter Molyneux has quit his job to do a series of experiments. The first of these is to see how many people he can persuade to tap … Continue reading

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I could have been a doctor. Couldn’t I?

Yes. Yes you could. I’m not just saying that directly to the questionaut. In a very deep way, everyone reading this could’ve been a doctor. It’s probably one of those hard work things on some level, with a huge slathering … Continue reading

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Is this capitalist world destined to one day be owned completely by two rival super-corporations?

It’s the image of the future my childhood built for me. Warring syndicates or megacorps, with shining towers gleaming over thick, pervasive, choking clouds. A brand name glittering at the top of an oddly shaped tower, the only thing rising … Continue reading

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