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In the face of adverse climate change, well exceeding the 2 degrees that has been deemed ‘safe’ by climate scientists, should we consider injecting aerosols into the atmosphere or covering the Sahara in tinfoil?

Considering it is probably a necessity at this point, but it’s absolutely the wrong way to go about solving the problem. There’s a huge risk of getting something wrong, and it doesn’t help that every time I picture it, I … Continue reading

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Why is one’s libido at its highest when one is trying to study? (Considering that there is nothing inherently sexy about the subject matter)

I mean, why are you studying something you don’t find sexy? Not necessarily sexy sexy, but sexy enough to pique your interest, get your mind spinning and raging and playing with itself. I’m pretty sure it’s a documented psychological effect, … Continue reading

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Could a vegan revolution and presumed eradication of speciesism bring an end to sexism/racism/ageism and other forms of interhuman discrimination. (No, I’m not sure that ‘interhuman’ is a word)

I’m trying to work out whether intrahuman would be a better way of putting it. Would that mean internal to individual humans as opposed to in between humans within the body of ‘humanity’? It doesn’t matter if a word exists … Continue reading

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Would it impede on your holiday to Barry island if you found out that it was Fred West’s destination of choice?

Okay. So. Not just his favourite holiday destination, but his ashes are actually scattered there. I mean. Basically, I’d normally not want to be superstitious, but I just read a whole wikipedia page about Fred West, and now I feel … Continue reading

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Bearing in mind that (1) Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (variant CJD) has been suggested to have an incubation period of anything up to decades, and (2) that during the 1990s I ate a LOT of cruddy Birdseye burgers, should I be concerned that I may be struck down with the brain wasting disease?

I’m no epidemiologist. And in fact, I’m not even sure if epidemiology is the relevant scientific field for this question. To take it a step further, I’d say there is absolutely no way in which I am qualified to answer … Continue reading

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