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Imagine Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi are stuck on a deserted island together. Please script the first two minutes of their conversation.

I’m pretty sure you knew this was coming, so I’m not going to feel too bad about not giving the desired answer. Although I am a little. I wish I could give you the wonderful comedy script you’re looking for, … Continue reading

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If we fall in love in our brains, why does it always ache in our chest when we’re heartbroken?

Do we though? Do we though. Do. We. Though. Love in the brains? Is that how it works? And when my heart gets properly burst the ache goes everywhere. Chest collapse, energy pouring to every extremity. Search for numbness everywhere. … Continue reading

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If you could invent an entirely new animal, what would it be? Latin name, eating habits, preferred habitat and mating call to be included please.

Even if you don’t believe in God*, it always seems a bit inappropriate to play God. Perhaps even more so. I’d worry about unsettling any ecosystem I wasn’t fundamentally familiar with. Which is probably all of them. If you were … Continue reading

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What is the chemical formula for ‘love’? Misty late autumn mornings or misty early spring mornings?

(Two questions at once due to logistical problems, wish me luck). I am no chemist, and certainly no biochemist, and absolutely no amorobiochemist. But I guess you could call me an enthusiastic amateur. And I have no realistic answer to … Continue reading

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What is the worst fate anyone should wish on their worst enemy?

Warning: I am a bit of a hippy, so this answer could be deemed controversially wishy washy. I don’t like violence or suffering and am not sure I even understand the notion of justice, or at least how punishment is … Continue reading

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